Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MHCC Opening for SY 2011-2012, 25 Years of Sanctifying the Youth

Ave Maria!

The Mary Help of Christians Crusade (MHCC), the youth implementation arm of the Alliance of the Holy Family International (AHFI) will start their campus ministry accredited by the Department of Education these coming weeks. The Brothers from The Oblates Apostles of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary (OATH) and the Sisters from the Leavens of the Immaculate Heart (LIHM) will reach out in different schools especially in Manila, ParaƱaque, Taguig, and Pasay.

Their ministry aims to uplift the morals in education especially in Public High Schools. The program will include Catechism, Rosary , Prayers, Games, Dance and Singing Lessons and most especially the Adoration before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Also, this year, MHCC celebrates its Silver anniversary since 1986 with the motto "25 years of Sanctifying the Youth". The celebration will be integrated in different events that will happen this year. Its been 25 years of Friendship and Holiness and until now MHCC still aims to promote holiness to youth especially today as our country faces problems regarding Morality. MHCC believes that with Prayer with the help of our Blessed Virgin Mary nothing is impossible. 

Also, MHCC is one with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in its celebration of the National Year of the Youth.

There will be an upcoming Values Formation Seminar for Students this coming July, for more information please contact 09351443848. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Aspirants of the Two Hearts - A Call to Holiness

" Be Holy as your Heavenly Father is Holy" , A Popular Saying which I know everyone has encountered.Simple Words of our Lord Jesus Christ that posses an illuminating meaning. Everyone has been called to be holy but only few respond to this call. Why? Because they are afraid. Afraid of the battle for the sanctification of all creations. Here are some proofs that responding to the urgent call to holiness is a thing that we should not be afraid of...

Your Parents will cry for a week, a month or worst a year if ever you wouldn't not follow their commands but remember that The Lord will Cry Forever If you wouldn't Answer His Call....If Today you Hear the Voice , Harden not Your Heart....Doubt no More.! The Fact that You've been interested to the priesthood or consecrated Life means that You really have a Vocation....Do not hesitate to Answer the calling of the Lord for the He did not Hesitate to save You from Your Sins...Blessed are you if you've been chosen for Many are called but few are chosen.. If you're interested to enrich your Vocation just leave a comment in this post. Ave Maria!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Never Attack a Priest!



"Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save Souls."

Our Lord's Revelation to Mutter Vogel 

"One should NEVER attack a priest, even when he's in error, rather one should pray and do penance that I'll grant him My grace again. He alone fully represents Me, even when he doesn't live after My example!"

When a Priest falls we should extend him a helping hand THROUGH PRAYER AND NOT THROUGH ATTACKS! I myself will be his judge, NO ONE BUT I! "Whoever voices judgement over a priest has voiced it over me; child, never let a Priest be attacked, take up his defense." (Feast of Christ the King 1937) "Child, Never judge your confessor, rather pray much for him and offer every Thursday, through the hands of My blessed Mother, Holy Communion (for Him) "Never again accept an out-of-the-way word about a Priest, and speak no unkind word (about them) EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE! Every Priest is My Vicar and My heart will be sickened and insulted because of it! If you hear a judgement (against a Priest) pray a Hail Mary."

"If you see a Priest who celebrates the Holy Mass unworthily then say nothing about him, rather tell it to Me alone! I stand beside him on the altar!" Oh pray much for my priests, that they'll love purity above all, that they'll celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with pure hands and heart. Certainly the Holy Sacrifice is one and the same even when it's celebrated by an unworthy priest, but the graces called down upon the people is not the same!"

 Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for them.