Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marianizing the World!

   The political expeditions of the Old World has ended centuries ago. Along with the intentions of expanding the power and territories of a colonialist country was the goal to Christianize the world and every person living on it. Fierce wars were fought for religion and despite of the intentions to bring the kingdom of God on earth, innocent people have suffered.
   Today, we have to fight the same battle. We have to win the world for Our Savior, Jesus Christ but in a different way. We have been deceived that our enemy were the Moslems, the Protestants and the other non-Christian believers. We have forgotten and we are forgetting that if we have an enemy, it is no other than Satan and his cohorts.
   Since the time of our first parents, Adam and Eve, Satan had waged a perpetual battle against us humans. Against our souls. He wants as many souls as possible to hurt and mock God.
   We have to fight for God, to fight for our salvation. Like the brave Christian soldiers of long ago, we are in this crusade against the power of darkness. Our goal is to recapture the hearts of men especially the youth which Satan possess in order to snatch our souls away from the love of God.
   This battle is spiritual. This war is more dangerous than any of the wars of this world. This is an endless battle as long as we are breathing. As human as we are, we can not defeat our enemy. If this battle is in spiritual realms, we need to use our spiritual ammunitions: prayers, penance, the Sacraments and our sacramentals. But more than this, a special protection is needed, and who else can assure us of that except the anti-thesis of Satan, Our Blessed Mother!
   She is the Woman whom God has promised to crush the head of the Ancient Serpent. The Immaculate Virgin who has never been under Satan's sting. She alone can win this battle. Let us join Her as we wage this war against our enemy.
Our Lady under the title, "Help of Christians" is our patroness for this Crusade.
   In order to Christianize this world, we have to Marianize it first. Whoever finds Mary, finds life, finds the LIFE itself. Let us be one with Her in this battle, and this blog will serve as our communication to each other.

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